Indoor Growing

Indoor growing is a term we use to describe crop production that doesn’t generally utilise sunlight but also gives the ability to control the environment.  

By growing in an indoor facility with supplemental lighting, you can have better control over your outputs and tailor the environment to suit the crop growth requirements. It also means you can potentially grow all year round.  

The different types of indoor growing environments can include: 

  • Shipping containers
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  •  Underground rooms
  • Growth chambers
  • Other indoor converted spaces

These are great for crops like medicinal cannabis, leafy greens or microgreens - which may be economically suited for high density cultivation.  

Why is it important to automate your grow room?

Plants require certain conditions to grow with the best quality, and to do that, you have to understand exactly what is happening not only with the plants but also the environmentAutomation gives you the opportunity to be precise and accurate. Here are a few examples of why it’s important to automate (there are many others): 

Get the right light

In an indoor grow room with no external (or natural) light source, lighting is incredibly important BUT not all lights are created equal.  Plants require certain light quantity/quality depending on their growth stage and the type of crop.  

Speak to one of our experts to get recommendations on lighting for your set up and how to get it automated. 

Set and forget

The key to automation is being able to rely on the technology to do the work for you. Once you set the parameters you can forget about it and focus on other important tasks. If a problem comes up, the system will then alert you (via email or text message) and you can log in to check the data. 

medicinal cannabis indoor growing
leafy greens indoor growing system
microgreens indoor growing

What are the overall benefits of automating your grow room?

There are quite a few benefits to grow room automation but here’s a few: 

Decrease your labor costs

Automation can either decrease your labor costs or allow you to free up workers to focus on other areas of importance. Perfect if you are looking to expand your business or introduce new skills into your labor force.

Be accurate

Know exactly what’s happening in your grow room and make data driven decisions based on facts and not assumptions. The technology exists to benefit you as the grower!

Increase quality and yield

If you don’t measure you can’t improve. Automation will give you the knowledge to increase quality and yield, learn from previous crop cycles, and give you better return on investment (ROI).

If you want to know more about the benefits of automated grow rooms get in touch and we will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise to get you up and running. 

Recommended solutions

NOTE: The size and scope of your operation may require different solutions. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion on what is the best approach for your business. 

What our clients say

"We prefer Intellidose because they're capable but simple and robust.  They're perfect first time growers or anyone looking for systems that work day in and day out and are relatively uncomplicated."
Nate Storey
Dr. Nate Storey CSO of Plenty