Data is a vital tool towards continued improvement and our tools offer a revolutionary level of insight and statistics that can enhance your agricultural ambitions. Combined with automation, you’ll be able to scale your crops in a way you might not have thought previously possible.


AG-Insights is our data visualization solution for the MultiGrow controller.

Through the dashboards you can see your crop environment at a glance. Depending on what you're measuring, this can include water usage, run-off, nutrients, weather, humidity or any other variables. You can drill down into the detail or zoom out to get an overview.


IntelliGrow is a powerful, intuitive cloud-based application that lets you fully manage your growing environment's temperature, CO2, humidity, lighting and your plants nutrients and pH.

Whether you prefer Mac, Windows, Linux, PC, tablet or mobile, you'll be able to access crucial growing data and receive alerts to make informed, responsive changes to protect and nurture your plants - wherever, whenever you want. Welcome to mobile, data-empowered growing.


The key to our success is we leverage the power of technology, data science, and plant biology to provide indoor growers affordable, accessible and easy-to-use innovation – 24/7, anywhere in the world. Our controllers offer versatility and reliability that is truly second-to-none.


Ensure you’re equipped for success with all the extra bits and bobs you might need to keep the ship running.