Why Choose Autogrow

We work with growers to create intelligent hardware, software and data solutions to help new growers set up their grow sites and existing growers to modernise theirs. We have experts in greenhouses, indoor farms, protected cropping; irrigation, fertigation, environment control and automation to offer support. From single compartment environments through to large-scale fully-automated greenhouses, we have something for everyone.

Why Automate

Automation can not only help you grow healthier plants and save on labour, it can significantly lower your risk of crop loss. With remote access control from any mobile device you can know immediately if anything goes wrong with text and email alerts.

Intuitive Devices & Cloud Based Monitoring

We're proud to have made a product for and with the people who use it. We want to bring your grow operation into the 21st century with a system that combines cutting-edge technology and years of experience in growing environments. Discover why over 3,000 growers around the world choose us to help them get the most out of their crop.


Improved Yield


Cost Savings

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More Control


Born out of the greenhouses of New Zealand, Autogrow has more than 20 years experience working with growers around the world, helping them deliver on their projects through automated dosing, climate control and fertigation.

Indoor Growing

Rising from more traditional growing methods, controlled environment agriculture has allowed horticulture to flourish in compact containers through to expansive warehouses. We've developed best-in-class solutions to cater to the complexities of indoor growing, and the needs of modern, progressive growers.

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Modern Automation At Affordable Prices