At Autogrow we help growers produce sustainable crops using automation. That includes new growers setting up their grow sites and existing growers looking to modernize.

Protected Cropping

Protected Cropping

Hoop houses, tunnel houses or canopy protection create micro-climates that are perfect for automation systems. By measuring temperature, humidity, solar radiation etc. you can automate your irrigation with better control over water and nutrients. If you're looking to extend your season into the shoulder months we have a solution for you.

Automated Greenhouse

Automated Greenhouse System

Whether you have one greenhouse or many, or if you want to grow one crop type or multiple types; our control systems can support your business through automated dosing, climate control and fertigation. Even better, when your business grows our system will grow with it.

Indoor Growing

Indoor Grow Room

Indoor growing can include everything from compact containers to expansive warehouses and factories. By controlling light, humidity, air flow, air and root zone temperature, nutrient, pH and EC – you can optimize growth and efficiency. Our automation solutions can help you grow smarter in any indoor environment.

Why Automate

Automation can not only help you grow healthier plants and save on labour, it can significantly lower your risk of crop loss. With remote access control from any mobile device you can know immediately if anything goes wrong with text and email alerts.


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