Dosing Controllers



EC Mini

pH Mini

Auto dosing system allows you to manage your nutrient and pH levels, calibrate, set remote alarms and data-log your progress with one simple controller. Do it once and let it run!

We like simple!
Easy installation and we promise there is no complicated add-ons just contact your local technician. The controllers come with user friendly interface and easy to use.

We support you!
Autogrow’s tech support team can log into the climate control system to deploy software updates, provide training and diagnose any faults in the field so there is no costly site visits.


  • Remote access from anywhere in the world using PC, table, or mobile phone
  • You can invite Autogrow’s expert to log in remotely when you need them.
  • Built in fail-safes so our climate controllers will continue to function even if there is an equipment failure
  • Alarms on all the settings including an intruder alarm with alerts via email, SMS and mobile push notifications.

Every growing environment is unique so we will advise the best solution. Whether you need help with plant science, product recommendation or tech support, we always have someone for you. Let us know!